Cut sugar from diets to prevent potential health risks

There are many people who eat a certain amount of sugar which is more than necessary. They must know the fact, that added sugar intake cannot be a very healthy idea. In fact, more sugar intake can lead to several health hazards that can include diabetes.

One always needs healthy diet for good health. But as mentioned above, many eat much more sugar than they have been recommended. They must cut out on that. If they do not do that then there are a few health hazards can occur. They are:

  • heart disease
  • obesity and metabolic syndrome
  • high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • chronic inflammation
  • high cholesterol
  • dental plaque and cavities
  • non alcoholic fatty liver disease

Reducing the amount of sugar in the diet can help a person reduce their risk of these health conditions.

One can just replace the high sugar foods with some healthful options so that they can prevent diabetes and other health issues.

 Take it slow

One of the most important things to remember when changing the diet is to do so gradually. Going from a diet full of sugar to one without any should be done in a slow and steady manner. One has to avoid muffins, cakes, brownies, chocolates and other sugar beverages one by one. One can also try reducing the amount of sugar and cream they add to their coffee or tea, working up to using none at all. One can just add honey instead sugar to their tea and coffee and they will not even miss sugar.

 Read product labels

Once a person has managed to cut out the most obvious sugar from their diet, they can turn their attention to other products that contain sugar. Reading product labels can help them identify types of sugars to avoid. To avoid potential health risks one can also avoid brown sugar, cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, invert sugar, coconut sugar and some more. People should also be aware that any item on an ingredients list ending “-ose” which can also be sugar. They are:

  • sucrose
  • dextrose
  • glucose
  • lactose
  • fructose

Products such as salad dressing and condiments, pasta sauce, breakfast cereals, milk, and granola bars often have sugar in their ingredients list.

 Avoid simple carbohydrates

If one is in a no sugar diet then one can also avoid simple carbohydrates. This can include white pasta, white flour and white rice. This is because; the body can quickly break down these carbohydrates into sugar and this can lead to the spice in blood sugar level in a human body.

Avoid artificial sugars

Artificial sugars are also a subject to a lot of controversy. They are much sweeter than the actual sugar but they contain very few or no calories at all. But this can intensify an individual’s sugar craving which can be a difficulty in a no sugar diet.

 Do not drink sugar

Sugar can be easily avoided in the processed foods. But sweetened drinks have a lot of added sugar which one has to remove from their diets like coffee, soda and fruit juices.

But if one is already suffering from high sugar levels then they must consult top doctors online before deciding on their diet plans.

How to keep a check on dental problems

According to research, every alternate person suffers from dental issues. Hence dentists are the frontline specialist doctors who have to deal with the patients constantly. Also, it is advised to a regular person that they must go for dental checkups at least twice a year. Even if they are not suffering from any major issues, one needs regular dental cleanings.

Dental conditions can happen when one fails to take care of their teeth and gums at home. One has to take constant care of that and also keep an eye if they are facing any new issues. Here are some dental issue symptoms to look out for:

  • Bleeding gums
  • Tooth, gum or jaw pain
  • Loose or lost teeth
  • Recurring bad breath
  • Irregular patches inside the mouth
  • Sores and lumps in the mouth

If one suffers from any of the above mentioned 6 issues then they must see a dentist right away. They can diagnose the specific issue and the ones which are developing and on that basis they can go ahead with the treatment.

Mouth and Jaw Pain

Symptoms like cold sores, mouth and jaw pain can occur because of the stress. Yes, stress can lead to a number or mental and physical disorders and this is one of them. An oral care expert can always identify the problem as in why one is suffering from any jaw discomfort and accordingly they can go ahead with the treating options. The treatable conditions can be traced from sinus problems, toothaches and gum diseases. One must also keep in mind that having discomfort and pain in the jaw can also mean one is having a heart attack. This can actually save a lot of life.

Bleeding and Sore Gums

Gums can bleed and ache and it can be a result of gum disease. If it is not treated timely then it can get worse. Gum disease can also become severe if one has some underlying issues like diabetes which can reduce the resistance power of the body from infection. Gum inflammation can happen because of bacteria that can survive in a plaque. There are other oral signs like fruity smelling breath, dry mouth, oral fungus and a lost tooth. Teeth can also move or fall out suddenly because of advanced gum disease. This can also happen because of bone loss or osteoporosis in the jaw. But this mostly happens when a person is above 65 years of age.

Changes in Tooth Surfaces and Enamel

Translucent and erosion tooth enamel can often be the sign of some eating disorder or the acid reflux problem. In fact, excessive vomiting can also lead to oral health problems like sensitive teeth, dry and cracked lips, swollen salivary glands and bad breath. Bad breath can also happen because of the type of food and drinks one consume. But gingivitis can also lead to the annoying occurrence of bad breath. Dental problems can also happen because of chronic lung infection, sinus infection, gastrointestinal problems, diabetes and liver disease.

Mouth Sores, Patches, or Lumps

Unusual patches and sores in the mouth can also be a sign of a benign sore. But one has to consult top doctors online to check out the patches, new lesions and lumps immediately. This can be a result of the oral fungal infection or it could be something even more serious. Oral cancers can also happen and one needs to check that immediately.

No matter what, one needs to keep going for dental checkups. One can download the eBaidya app and get in touch with the best doctors from your city.