Diabetes Diet Foods That Can Help Maintain A Healthy Blood Sugar Level

Foods to consume to prevent diabetes

Most people fear of diabetes once they reach the age of 40. In fact, in a lot of cases, blood sugar level spikes up even before one reaches 40. And it is true that there is no magical cure for diabetes. But one can always make sure that they can prevent the risk of developing the type 2 diabetes.

Even if one consults doctors online now, the major advice they can get that a healthy diet and a regular exercise can help one to reduce that risk. Hence here are some major food items that one must include in their regular food habit to stop that high sugar rush in their body:

Nuts and Dried Fruit

Yes, when it comes to blood sugar, it is the level of sugar which is the major risk factor. And many people are very comfortable on snacking on refined carbohydrates which can lead to unstable blood sugar in the body. In order to stop this late afternoon and evening carbohydrate cravings, one can snack on food items that are high on fat and protein. Nut is something that one can have easily and keeps the stomach full till it is dinner time. On top of that, nuts are high in polyunsaturated fats which can slow down the development of type 2 diabetes in a body.


A cup of oatmeal has 4 grams of fibre and one can always enjoy a bowl of them on their breakfast. This can keep the stomach full and one will not feel like snacking before lunch. This gives the necessary fibre intake to an individual and so they can lower the odds of developing  type 2 diabetes in their body. Fibres can help to keep the blood sugar level steady and so one has lesser chance of developing diabetes.


Fruits provide vitamins and minerals and so it is a must that one should include them in their regular diets. Eating fruits will also decrease one’s risk of developing diabetes. Fruits are high in fibre and one must concentrate on fruits that are especially high in fibre content like berries, apples and citrus fruits. It is a great idea to have a fruit bowl every morning at breakfast. Or one can much on fruits anytime of the day when they feel like snacking.


Vegetables are must in one’s regular diet. But one has to mostly focus on the fresh green ones and the non starchy vegetables when one wants to prevent diabetes. There are some cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, sprouts and others that are filled with vitamins and minerals. This can help the body to run smoothly. Apart from the high fibre content, they also contain anti inflammatory agents which can protect the blood vessels against any damage that are associated with diabetes. They can also help to control the blood sugar level in the human body.

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10 Healthy Foods Are Unhealthy In Disguise

Food items which are actually unhealthy in disguise

More and more healthy foods are taking over the shelves of departmental and grocery stores these days and so those who are health conscious, it has become more and more challenging for them to pick the food items that are actually nutritious and not by the labels.

There are many healthy foods that are actually in disguise and they are essentially junk foods. One can consult top doctors online or nutritionists if they want a proper diet to follow. But before that there is some food items from which one has to stay away:

Microwave Popcorn

Freshly made popcorn is mostly considered as a fibre rich snack. But if it is a microwavable version then it will contain high level of sodium and chemicals which should not be eaten often. This can actually be harmful for health.


Plenty of granola brands are available these days at the grocery store and they mostly contain high level of added sugar. According to many nutritionists, there are combined sugar contents that are added there in the granola and they are hidden. Hence it is a great idea to make granola at home and eat them. There are many authentic granola recipes available online which one can try.

Flavoured Yogurt

There are many flavoured yogurt brands which have more sugar than even a piece of cake. Just like yogurt, other items like oatmeal, milk and smoothies may also contain a lot of sugar. Hence before buying them, one should check the container and find out how much sugar is added there and what form of sweetener is actually used. It is a good idea to purchase unsweetened yogurt which are high in protein and low in sugar content.

Store-bought Trail Mix

Homemade trail mixes are easy to make and they are considered to be balanced snack options. But the ready to eat versions can often contain high amounts of salt, chocolate chips and added sugar.

Veggie Straws

These straws are mostly made from corn and potatoes. There are some processed vegetable straws as well which are high in fat and sodium content. They are nothing but another version of potato chips which is absolutely anything but healthy. Hence, it is always better to stick to actual vegetable eating.

Packaged Salads

When done right, they are filling meals. But ready to eat ones contain a good amount of sodium and fat which should be avoided.

Individual Applesauce Cups

In most cases, they have added flavours like blueberry, peach or strawberry which are high in fructose.

Turkey Bacon

Turkey bacons are still bacons and so it has high amount of saturated fats which can put one into risk of heart diseases.

Dried Fruit

There are many packaged options which are equivalent to sugar bomb. So, one has to be conscious while buying them.

Multigrain Bread

Just because it is multigrain does not mean it is a healthy food option. If they are not made from whole grains but refined ones then there is no point eating them.

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