Steps to follow if showing COVID like symptoms

If one already has developed cough, fever and shortness of breath along with other prominent symptoms then there are chances that one might have got affected with the COVID 19 virus.

One does not have to worry because there are doctors online now for 24 hours and one can easily consult them at any point of time. One can take care and protect the people around them as well. Here are a few steps that one can to follow in this time:

Isolate yourself in these situations

When one is showing a COVID like symptom, the very first thing is to isolating themselves. Symptoms that can be an indicator are chills, fever, breathing difficulty, cough, fatigue, muscle aches, loss of smell/ taste, diarrhoea, nausea. Apart from that, if one has come from a gathering of people or from some high risk cities then also it is better to get isolated. One must know that antigen tests are not much reliable and if one consults top doctors online then they will always advise them to go for a confirmatory RT PCR test.

Consult a doctor online

Once one has isolated themselves the next thing that is a must is to make a dr online appointment. This is because it is not at all recommended for one to visit the hospital under these circumstances; especially when one is showing mild symptoms. Hence one can take online consultation right away. Then one can follow whatever instructions that are given by the doctors.

Book RT PCR test right away

Once the symptoms are being assessed by the doctor a digital prescription will be sent to recommend the COVID testing. One can book for an RT PCR test because they are more reliable and accurate than those rapid antigen tests. One has to maintain all the hygiene protocols and keep a copy of Aadhar card ready when the testing will be done.

 Prepare for COVID test at home

Once the test is being booked, a lab technician will arrive at home to take the samples. They will be wearing protective gears and take the swab samples from nose and mouth. The samples will be sent to the lab for testing and the reports are most likely provided within 24 hours. Meanwhile one can stay isolated so that they can avoid spreading infection to other family members.

Maintain Rules

If the result is positive then one has to maintain at least 2m distance from the other members living with them. One always needs to wear a mask when they are around other people. Also it is a good idea to not share the utensils and towels. Washing hands frequently is the key to stay safe. Having mild or no symptoms mean one can easily stay home and get better.


One has to drink plenty of water throughout the day and take rest as much as possible. The other thing is, one does not have to be anxious under these conditions and stay as calm as possible. This virus goes away within 2 to 14 days.

These are the things that one has to do.

Why online doctor consultation is a good idea?

Modern medicine always allows people to live longer. These days’ people do live a stressed life and so the demand for doctors is also very high. But under this pandemic situation it can be quite difficult to reach a doctor’s chamber that frequently.

But all thanks to the advancement of technology, one can easily reach to their doctors without visiting them. These days; one can easily go for online medical consultations and stay updated about their health conditions and treatment.

Here are some major benefits that one can get from this:

  • First of all, as it has been mentioned above that one does not visit the doctor personally in this case and hence the time to travel there is saved. Under these present circumstances it is also a good idea not to travel much. One just needs to go to the internet and go ahead with the consultation procedure. Here, one can talk to some highly trained medical professionals and they are always ready for assistance.
  • One can check into an online doctor appointment app and make an appointment with a specialised doctor depending on what issues they are facing. Whenever an individual faces any physical issues, they always search online with their symptoms and try to get hold of information regarding the disease they might have. But it is better to ask a doctor online by clearing to them the symptoms that they are having. They will be able to diagnose the issue more accurately than an online blog.
  • Online doctor consultations are also very affordable and so many people can go for that. It is a cost effective option for those who do not have a health insurance.
  • If one is thinking that one will not get a prescription after seeing a doctor online then they are completely mistaken. One can get them directly from the doctor or can get it from a nearby pharmacy. The doctors can just mail the prescription and advice with medications on it and one can follow that regularly.
  • Complete privacy is maintained when one is consulting a doctor online. Even they are the virtual doctors, one can always be confident about the fact that their problems will be safe and secure with their doctors. Whatever they discuss remains strictly confidential.
  • Online doctor consultations are very convenient and comfortable. If one is facing some health issues at midnight they can easily go for an online consultation immediately. They do not have to wait till the next morning to reach a doctor’s chamber or they do not have to run to a hospital unless it is very severe. Even if one has a busy schedule and they do not have the time to visit a doctor’s chamber then they can easily go for an online consultation.
  • Visiting a doctor’s clinic under a pandemic situation can be a bad idea. One can face a higher chance of getting infection and they become vulnerable to all kinds of disease. But online consultation will keep them safe and sound.

One can consult top doctors online by downloading the EBaidya app on their mobile phones.