Drinking Tea has nothing to do with change of skin tone

A lot of people believe that the skin colour depends on how much tea they drink. But that is an absolutely disbelief. Complexion and skin tone of an individual changes due to a lot of reasons and drinking tea is definitely not one of them.

Drinks like tea or caffeine has hardly anything to do with one’s skin tone. Some variation of tea contains more antioxidants than that of other variations just in case of vegetables and fruits. Antioxidants are good for one’s health and can prevent cancer and heart diseases.  When one consult top doctors online they will come up with an advice that though tea has nothing to do with skin complexion but still it has to be taken in moderation. One must not go beyond 3 to 4 cups of tea per day.

Many generations have believed in this myth that drinking more tea can result into darker tone. But this never happens. Skin tone can start changing because of certain health conditions and due to extreme exposure to sun. Sunlight is a very common factor when it comes to changing skin colour tones. Hence when one is facing sudden changes in their skin tone, they must book doctor appointments and try to find what the actual reason behind it is.

When someone starts getting darker skin suddenly then there can be many possible reasons behind that. There can be some diseases or some minor changes in health condition. There are some very common issues which can lead to changes in skin colour and one of them is definitely anxiety. According to medical beliefs anxiety and stress can cause liver dysfunction and this can lead to yellowish hue to skin. This can also turn to jaundice in certain events.

Anxiety can leas a skin to look paler. As a result one might suddenly find that their skin tone is appearing much lighter. When one suffers from anxiety attacks at a regular interval then their skin may start turning to be paler. This happens because the blood starts rushing away from the skin to the heart which can cause the body to lose some natural pigmentation. Again anxiety can lead the skin to appear redder, mostly during the head and face. This happens because the capillaries in the face start dilating and it allows more blood and can make the face noticeably red. But apart from these two the other common result of anxiety is skin darkening. This happens because one starts getting sleep disturbances and sometimes no sleep at all at night. As a result they have dark circles, visible fine lines and their skin turns a bit darker. But this has nothing to do with tea drinking habit.

Skin can also get affected by harmful UV rays when one is too much exposed under the skin. Hence it is always advised to use a good sunscreen lotion and apply it every 2 hours when one is outside. Or else one can consult a dermatologist to get a proper solution of this.

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