How to deal with common ear issues?

Ear problems can turn out to be really unpleasant and uncomfortable. Though they do not cause some long term issues but one has to deal with the problems immediately so that it do not becomes complicated.

One can always book doctor appointments if they are facing ear issues but also one must try to deal with them and rectify them first. Here are some common ear issues one can suffer from:

 Ear infections

 This is the most common issue that leads to ear pain. Infections can lead to ear aches and they can get automatically cleaned up after a few days. The inner ear infection is known as otitis media and they can affect the ear tube. Viruses like flu and cold and lead to such infections. They get automatically cleared up within 3 to 4 days but if not then one can consult top doctors online. The outer ear infection is called otitis externa and it affects the ear canal. This can be caused by bacterial infection or yeast. It can also be caused because of wearing hearing aid or ear plugs constantly. One can go for steroid ear drops and antibiotics to reduce swelling.

Glue ear

 This is another common ear issue which if not treated on time can lead to hearing issues especially in children. This thing mostly affects those who are aged between 1 to 6 years and can affect both ears simultaneously. If one has a glue ear then they will speak more loudly than usual. Their words can be difficult to understand and they can become tired with the effort of listening. This thing can last for 6 to 10 weeks but if it persists for more then one must seek for medical attention.

Ear congestion

This occurs when the Eustachian tube becomes clogged and leads to feeling of pressure in the ear. This can also cause muffled hearing and pain. This can be caused by sinus congestion, flu, common cold and allergies. One can take dr online appointment and ask them to prescribe nasal decongestants. Remaining hydrated can also help one to thin the nasal mucus. For allergies, one can use antihistamine.

Ear congestion when travelling

 Air travels always involve rapid pressure especially while taking off and landing. This can put stress on ear drum and middle ear. The techniques to relieve pressure are chewing gum, yawning and repeatedly swallowing. One can also take a nasal decongestant before takeoff and landing.

A foreign object in the ear

 If an object is stuck in the ear then one can initially be not aware of it. They can be beads, buttons, crayons and more. This can result to ear issues like infection and hearing loss. This needs to be treated by an ENT doctor who can pull out the object with the required tool. One must not try it at home as it can lead to further complications and blood may come out from ears.

These are the most common ear issues and one must deal with them properly.

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