How to prevent too much hair fall in winter

Seasonal hair losses are absolutely a real thing. Many researches have found out that people tend to lose more hair during winters as compared to summers.

If one is facing a lot of hair loss during winter then this is a very common thing and one can do a number of things in order to prevent them. Before taking a dr online appointment one must put up some effort on their own in order to save their beautiful hair. Hair is something which should not be neglected as it needs constant vigilance and care.

Here are some natural ways with which one can deal with seasonal hair fall:

  • One of the crucial reasons of hair damage these days is the extensive use of strong chemical products on them. Constant use of them can weaken the hair follicles and also changes the hair texture. It can also lead to early greying of hair and of course major hair falls. Hence, if one wants to stop all these, they need to throw out all those chemical products and replace them with some natural hair care products.
  • In order to fight out the everyday stress (which is another major reason for hair fall) and pollutants, one has to provide the hair with a revival boost. It is also a good idea to go for a natural hair care routine. In winter, one can use ingredients like honey, eggs and yogurt to provide hair with proper nutrition.
  • It is also necessary to avoid long hot showers. If one tends to do that, then it can remove the moisture from hair and scalp. This can leave them frizzy and dry and can damage the hair is a bad way. So, one can always take a shower with lukewarm water but not with too much hot water.
  • Regularly massaging the hair with essential oil can provide a lot of strength and shine to the hair. This can also nourish the hair cuticles so that it can prevent hair fall. One can use Bhrahmi oil, Bhringraj oil, Almond oil, Argan oil or Coconut oil to do the hot oil hair massage. One has to warm the oil before applying it on the scalp and hair. If one wants to thicken their hair then they can apply castor oil to strengthen the roots of the hair.
  • Conditioning the hair on a regular interval is another key way to prevent hair fall. In winter, it is even more essential to condition the hair. One has to do that every alternate day so that the texture of the hair is maintained and hair fall can be stopped.
  • One can use honey in order to moisturise the hair. It can prevent hair frizz, dandruff and prevent the hair from looking dull in winter. Also, the more moisture is provided to the hair, the more it becomes strong.

If any of these do not work and one is still facing with excessive hair fall then one can find doctors near you and consult them.

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