Post-COVID 19 hospitals and clinics

The post COVID world will be a different place altogether. The infectious virus has transformed the entire healthcare ecosystem and the need for advancements in the system is the need of the hour. The post-COVID world hospitals and clinics will have different functionalities compared to traditional healthcare facilities.The hospitals and clinics have made some transformative changes such as mainstreaming telemedicine without compromising the quality of healthcare.

To support such a transformative change, the Board of governors along with MCI has issued Telemedicine Practice Guidelines to smoothen and strengthen the scheme in the post COVID world. This focus of such schemes is to provide primary and preventive healthcare services within a distance of 5 KM at the grassroots level.

Telemedicine and its benefits

  • The usage of telemedicine is quite a beneficial one for the doctors as it helps them to connect with their patients. The mid-level health workers can also connect their patients with doctors. This eliminates the need for physically visiting the doctor clinic for the patients.
  • Telemedicine has helped AIIMS in decongesting their facilities and they rolled their outpatient department services online. This was done to enable the patients to access treatment and healthcare facilities online during difficult times.
  • The post COVID world will be a challenging one and telemedicine with help reduce the excessive load and burden of the hospitals and clinics in the post COVID world. It will improve the documentation, diagnosis, and healthcare facilities in the post-COVID hospitals and clinics and will take into account the safety of the patients and the healthcare workers.
  • Telemedicine has emerged as a successful strategy in many regions in the child care and childbirth sectors. It has also helped in coping with TB in many areas of the nation.
  • There is a great shortage of doctors and expert healthcare experts across the world. The rate of infection of COVID-19 is quite higher than the hospital beds and this has posed to be a challenge for the healthcare system. The post COVID world is expected to improve this situation with the implementation of telemedicine.

The community health officers

In recent years, the community health officers played a contributing role by being the first point of preventive and primary healthcare in the rural areas of India. Telemedicine has been an integral part of the healthcare services in rural India and the post COVID phase is expected to experience a growth in it.

They offer essential and primary healthcare services such as performing tests for malaria, dengue, blood sugar levels, hemoglobin, and fever.They are also engaged in dispensing the over the counter medicines for typical fevers and seasonal cases of flu.

Restoring trust in common people

The world has had a difficult time in facing the COVID-19 infections as it swept the world with just a blink of the eye. The hospitals only treated the COVID-19 patients and remained closed for the non-COVID 19 surgeries and diagnostics.

The hospital facilities are filled with COVID-19 patients and the non-COVID 19 patients are fearing to visit the hospitals for their treatments. The hospitals and clinics have a primary task to do during the post-COVID 19 phases and that is restoring trust in the minds of those people.It is important to let the world know that it is safe for patients to visit hospitals as they are being sanitized properly and monitored closely. Establishing this communication between the patients and the hospitals is essential for the next phase and it will contribute positively to the well-being of the society.

Another important change the hospitals and clinics need to bring is proper training and protective suits for the doctors who are handling dealing with infectious diseases. Without proper training and personal protective kits, the safety of the doctors and medical professionals is at stake and it is something we cannot afford during emergencies.

The post COVID world will see a massive change in the way the hospitals and clinics used to operate and these changes will be brought up for the betterment of the healthcare system andthe society.

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