Signs which can indicate that it is time to visit a mental health professional

There have been a lot of times when people go through a long period of stress and they do feel down. But when it comes to seeking therapy, people do freak out. But one must not believe in the misconception that psychotherapy is only for those who are struggling with their mental illness. This can be helpful to anyone who is going through an intense emotional phase or experiencing some major stress issues.

In order to manage our mental health issues it is always a good idea to take help of psychotherapy because this is a place where one can talk openly without the fear of getting judged. One must not feel that if they are reaching out for therapy, then it is a sign of weakness. In fact, on contrary, it is a sign of self care.

Here are some major signs which can be a clear indicator that one must reach out for therapy:

  • Are you having difficulty when it comes to regulating your emotions? One can always feel anxious, sad or angry at a point of their life but how intense it is? Are you having too much of irritation these days and getting short tempered very frequently? Then this can be a matter of concern. Similar is the case of sadness. If one keeps feeling sad continuously then it may be the case of depression. In any of these cases, one may need the assistance of a trained professional who can help one out in these testing times.
  • If one is not performing much effectively at work or school, then it is time they must see a mental health professional. This can help one to self regulate their behaviour.
  • Are you facing random changes and disruptions in your sleeping cycle and you appetite? Then it can be mental health issues that are causing these problems and they must be talked about.
  • Some people find it difficult to build or even maintain their relationships. Mental health can be a major cause behind that. Talking to a therapist can help one to come out of these insecurities.
  • If one has experienced trauma before like a phase of sexual or physical abuse then this can hugely affect their mental health. It is mandatory to talk to a therapist to come out of it.
  • You no longer enjoy doing things which you loved doing earlier. Have you thought why it is happening? Well unwell mental health can be a reason for that.
  • If one is grieving form a loss or a breakup then overcoming from that can be a painful process. A mental health professional can help one to come out of that.
  • One is not keeping well physically but they do not have any prominent disease. It could be because of mental health because they are interconnected. Hence one must seek therapy.
  • Sometimes one fears to get intimate in a relationship. This can be an issue because of a mental block or some taboo they are suffering from. Talking it out to a therapist is the best way they can get help.
  • There have been instances where you have thought of harming yourself. This is not a very nice thought to have. It is time to get help from a mental health professional.

One can also think of consulting with a mental health professional online, if they do not want to visit a doctor’s clinic in these trying times. Download the eBaidya app and get in touch with the best doctors from your city.

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